What is it?
Wolkenwelt is a real-time strategy simulation independent video game in where the goal is to build a settlement on sky islands. Keep your citizens happy, build lumberjacks or crystal mines to gather resources, spend them on better buildings and expand to other islands. Combine items and create potions to get boni or change the environment.
Buy the game
Pre-orders will be available in by the end of 2012. (I hope so at least.)
Pre-ordering gets you access to weekly builds additionally to getting the finished product upon release.
Wolkenwelt will be priced at 3,99 EUR during its pre-order phase and 7,99 EUR upon its release. Keep in mind, you are supporting the development process if you pre-order, but it may take a long while until the final product can be installed on your hard drive. Wolkenwelt will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Click here to visit the official forums. Discuss on some features, report bugs or download the latest build of the game if you have access to the pre-order forum.